Nephrurus is a genus of nine species of geckos, commonly called horsetail lizards.

Goat Tail Geckos are some of the most recognizable and memorable scaly. Although there is a substantial variation among the 10 species (wheeleri cinctus wheeleri and wheeleri were divided); A unifying theme is a “button” queue. All species of the genus Nephrurus (pronounced Neff-RU-russ), which means “kidney tail”. All species are limited exclusively to Australia. In the isolated title, underwoodisaurus genus was monotypic until adding underwoodisaurus seorsus. In some literature, you will find included as Nephrurus underwoodisaurus milii milii because they were reclassified as Nephrurus from 2007 to 2011, having been reclassified as underwoodisaurus. Neither species is discussed, but we will focus on the “real” Nephrurus.

Nephrurus levis levis; Female SVL 102mm large than males.

Geckos curl tail are from the arid sand areas of Central America and western Australia. They are a large lizard with soft skin plagued by small tubers on their bodies and their limbs. The tail is large with white tubers in the shape of a heart. Each individual is different, and the amount of white varies greatly (in part because of selective breeding). In general, the three bands transcend through the base of the head, neck and back.


Reproduction can occur during the first year, females can reproduce with a weight of 18 grams to the north, but in my experience, a weight of 22 grams is ideal. This can easily be achieved during the first year with proper care. Traditionally men are viable around 15-17 grams ..